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Maintenance of your leisure vehicle not only maintains it’s warranty – it ensures it’s safety!

All caravans and motorhomes should be serviced regularly – remember your caravan is your home whilst you are touring, you will be towing it with the family in the car and living in it – so safety is paramount!

There is nothing better than a trip away in your caravan or motor home with your family. Better still when you have the peace of mind that it has had a good service and safety check by a qualified technician before you set off.

Whether in or out of warranty, at home, on site or in storage; We can service or repair any size, make or model and will tailor our service to suit your pocket!

UVMCS provides you as the customer with a fully insured mobile Approved Workshop Service for your touring caravan or motorhome.

Industry Standard Qualifications
Ensure Work of the Highest Quality

Our engineers are affiliated to various NCC & CITO recognised qualifications, including the Approved Workshop Scheme otherwise known as “AWS.” Why use an AWS qualified workshop engineer? Click the image to right to find out.

So, What’s Involved in a Full Service of Your Leisure Vehicle?


Check condition of:

  • Body Panels
  • Locks, Catches, Hinges
  • Trims, Inserts & Sealants
  • Windows & Seals
  • Grab Handles
  • Other Body Attachments


  • Damp Meter Test & Report
  • Check Floor for Delamination
  • Check Condition of Cupboard Hinges, Stays, Locks & Catches
  • Check Condition & Security of Skylights
  • Check & Adjust Fly Screens
  • Make Sure Fixed Ventilation Points are Clear

Water System

  • Check Water Pump Operation
  • Check & Adjust Pressure Switch
  • Condition of Filter & Housing, Replacing Filter if Required
  • Check & Inspect all Water Pipes & Fittings
  • Check Toilet for Operation etc.
  • Inspect Drain Plugs for Seal & Operation

Gas Supply & Appliances

  • Fridge Not Serviced Unless Requested
  • Check Regulator & Carry Out Leak Test on System
  • Check Condition & Age of Flexible Hose; Replacing If Required
  • Check Condition & Integrity of Pipework
  • Inspect Gas Bottle Security
  • Check All Gas Dispersal holes Are Clear
  • Check Operation of All Gas Appliances
  • Check All FFD’s
  • Carry Out Carbon Monoxide Test

Fire & Safety

  • Check Condition of Security, Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarms
  • Check Fire Extinguisher
  • Check Fire Blanket
  • Check Condition & Safety of All DIY Additions

Electrical Systems
12v & 240v

  • Check Condition of 240V Inlet Plug & Hook up Cable
  • Check Operation of RCD, MCB’s
  • Check Condition of All Wiring & Sockets
  • Check Operation of Battery Charger
  • Check 240V Operation of All Appliances
  • Check 12V Operation of Fridge & Battery Charger
  • Check Condition of 12N & 12S Plugs & Cables
  • Check Operation of Road Lights
  • Check Condition of 12V Wiring & Internal Lighting
  • Check Condition of Battery
  • Check Blown Air System

Chassis & Running Gear

  • Check Coupling Head
  • Check Ball Acting Stabiliser
  • Check Break Away Cable
  • Check Operation of Over Run Device
  • Check Jockey Wheel
  • Check Operation of Handbrake
  • Check Brake Cables & Rods
  • Remove Wheels and Check Condition & Age Of Tyres
  • Remove Brake Drums & Check Condtion of Bearings, Seals & Linings
  • Replace Drum Using New One-Shot Nuts
  • Adjust Brakes to Manufacturer Specifications
  • Replace Road Wheels & Torque Wheel Nuts To Manufacturer Settings
  • Check Security of Chassis & Security of Body
  • Check Operation of Suspension
  • Check & Lubricate Corner Steadies
  • Check Spare Wheel Carrier

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